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FILM+VIDEO SHOW & TELL: The Paper House Report – 2/9

June 15日 @ 5:07 pm EDT

CRS FILM+VIDEO SHOW & TELL invites you to join us to screen and discuss “The Paper House Report,” a 25-minute documentary inspired by the compelling story of our East Village icon Jerry Delakas, the face of the Astor Place Newsstand, and his battle against the city to renew the license and continue to run his beloved newsstand.
The FREE screening and Q&A will take place Saturday, Feb 9, 2013 at 6 pm at CRS. Joining us will be filmmaker Nicole Cimino and other supporters of Jerry (and possibly Jerry himself) to provide an update on the fight with the Dept. of Community Affairs.
Delakas immigrated to the United States from Greece in the 1970’s and has been proudly running the newstand at Astor Place, long famous for being the first newstand to receive each new edition of the Village Voice, for the past 25 years.
Jerry’s fight and determination to save his business resonates with many and has inspired a movement of thousands. Director Nicole Cimino humanizes Delakasʼ battle and attempts to open the minds of those who hold the fate of Delakasʼ newsstand in their hands.
The Paper House Report (2012)
Written by Nicole Cimino & Jerry Delakas
Directed by Nicole Cimino
Starring Jerry Delakas
Produced by Jack Boar Pictures in association with Lola Lydia Galeno Productions Director of Photography Luigi Benvisto
About the Filmmaker
Nicole Cimino is an Italian actress/acting coach/filmmaker. Cimino has been working in theatre, movies, Tv and webisodes in both Europe and The United States. Past credits include; The Wall, Conscience of Zeno, Play it Again, Sam & Les Bonnes. Last projects include the indie-feature movie “Don Peyote,” starring Dan Fogler, Abel Ferrara, Anne Hathaway, and the feature movie “To Redemption” starring Chris Riggi, James McCaffrey, Kathrine Narducci. Cimino has been a teacher at Susan Batson Studio in New York City. (Susan Batson is author of the book Truth. Coach/Mentor to Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Connelly, Josh Hartnett, Tom Cruise & more). She is a partner of the production company Jack Boar Pictures, LLC and of Actresses as Allies production/theatre company founded last year by actress Dani Baum. She is currently developing two plays, Once upon a time in Rome, which pays tribute to the Italian Neorealism genre, and the one-woman show, A night with Nannarella based on the Italian icon, Anna Magnani.
• For more information about “The Paper House Report,” visit www.thepaperhouse.org
• If you would like to show your support in favor of Jerry Delakas, please feel free to sign the petition on www.savejerry.com
For further information, contact Jack Boar Pictures at www.jackboarpictures.com
FILM&VIDEO SHOW & TELL provides a forum for local and independent filmmakers to share and discuss their work and ideas. 

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Event Date:
June 15日, 2024
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5:07 pm