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13 Steps for Moving Forward in 2013 – 1/19

June 15日 @ 4:51 pm EDT

13 Steps for Moving Forward in 2013
with Chyna Wu
Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 from 2:30 – 5:30 pm
What are the 13 Steps?
In the 13 steps moving forward workshop, you will be able to unfold your subconscious, to examine your trapped emotions and patterns that are preventing you from moving forward in life. Through this technique, you will be able to rediscover your strengths and problem solving skills that you always have had but have forgotten.
This is a three-hour workshop. You will be actively engaged in exercises such as:

1. Regression techniques to obtain your current life review.
2. Debriefing method to understand your discovery of subconscious and patterns.
3. Purification through guiding meditation and holistic life reconstruction.

These techniques can help you build a blue print for your New Year resolution and moving forward in 2013.
Admission Fee $60
Please RSVP by Thursday, January, 17th, 2013. Limited seating.
For more information, you can reach Chyna Wu, M.A at:
About Chyna Wu
Chyna Wu is a professional grief and bereavement counselor. Currently located in Sedona, Arizona, Chyna is the Community Liaison Officer and Educator at the Verde Valley Community Hospice. She also teaches a Death, Dying and Bereavement class for the Life Long Learning Institute through the Yavapai College network in the Verde Valley area. She holds a Masters degree in Thanatology (Death, Dying and Bereavement) and worked with several different hospice organizations in New York City prior to relocating to Sedona.
Chyna’s understanding of suffering during periods of loss stems from her own personal experience. She is determined to share her knowledge to assist those who are having difficulty in moving past the grieving process, and possible associated period of depression, so that they can resume a full and vibrant life. Grief can arise from a multitude of sources – death, separation from a loved one, deprivation of certain rights and others. Its impact can be serious and long lasting if not appropriately addressed, particularly if the cause and symptoms are not clearly understood.
In addition to her Masters degree in Thanatology, Chyna holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, received her Past Life Regression Therapy Certification in 2007 and has been a Tibetan Buddhism disciple, working within the Nyingma Palyul tradition, for many years.
Originally from Hong Kong and a former fashion model, Chyna Wu has been a US resident since 1995.

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Event Date:
June 15日, 2024
Event Time:
4:51 pm