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Discover Your Life Purpose and Magnetize It with the Power of Visualization 8/7

May 30日 @ 9:38 am EDT

Not quite sure what you’re meant to do in this lifetime? In this 2-hour workshop, life coaches Dani Kort and Julie Varughese provide complementary tools to set light workers on their rightful course. 
Julie Varughese will lead a writing exercise designed to get to the heart of one’s true purpose in life. While laying on yoga blankets, attendees will be guided by Dani Kort through a visioning exercise to cultivate a relaxed and centered state of mind in order to attract physical and metaphysical gifts.
Attendees are requested to arrive no more than 10 minutes early because of therapies occurring in adjacent studios that require silence. Blankets will be provided.
Tickets: $35 in advance, via PayPal to javarughese@gmail.com. $45 (cash only) at the door.

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Event Date:
May 30日, 2024
Event Time:
9:38 am