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May 20日 @ 8:46 am EDT

Free Session with Qesankh Maa Kheperu
Tuesday, June 30th  6:30 PM
Many of us wonder if reincarnation is real. It seems sensible to doubt but at the same time many of us have vivid or subtle memories of their past lives. Modern physics tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed- it simply changes form. With this understanding we know that our soul or spirit lives on and is immortal.
n this one-on-one session with Master Teacher Qesankh Kheperu will reveal to you who you were in a past life and what experiences you encountered. Were you rich, poor, male, or female? Did you die at the hands of another, through disease or did you live to be a ripe old age? Qesankh will also tie your past life with the present by revealing what lessons you need to learn and what issues you might encounter in this life-time that may be a continuation of your past life- or practice for a future one!
To Register Visit: http://www.meetup.com/Project-Illuminated-Meetup/events/223456873/
June 201530 6:30 pm 

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Event Date:
May 20日, 2024
Event Time:
8:46 am