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How to Stop Playing Small! A Workshop with ACIM Teacher Jennifer Hadley — 10/25

May 24日 @ 6:27 pm EDT

Do you find yourself getting in your own way?
Do you feel ashamed that you’re not more successful?
Do you find yourself coping and managing with problems a lot of the time?
Do you wonder if you’re spiritually stupid and just don’t get it?
Are you a healer, lightworker or would like to be, but you just can’t seem to get your business flourishing?
Do you feel like you really understand spiritual principle, but you’re life isn’t anywhere near as wonderful as you think it should be or could be?

Many spiritual students are secretly wondering why they’re not more successful.  Maybe you read a lot of spiritual books, take workshops and classes and focus on spirituality a lot of the time, but secretly you wonder if maybe you’re just missing something because you’re not living the life you so deeply desire.
If you feel like you’re missing something, it’s true!  You are missing the key and it’s hiding in plain sight!
You will be AMAZED at how quickly you can transform your life expierence into a life of profound and miraculous healing.  Jennifer Hadley shares tips and tools that actually work.  It’s not rocket science, but it does require your willingness to actually do the work.  It’s not about reading a book or listening to a lecture. 
In this $25 evening workshop, Jennifer Hadley shares exactly HOW you can transform your life of almost getting it into a life of miraculous Love and LASTING healing.  Jennifer is known for her transformational classes and workshops based on spiritual principle as taught in A Course in Miracles and other great mystical teachings.  She shares a practical application of these teachings to support your liberation from the habits of limitation and misery.
Are you willing to bring on YOUR breakthrough?  Here’s how!
Join us for an evening workshop to heal the habits of fear, shame and self-sabotage and stepping into your greatness!  
Learn more about Jennifer Hadley here:  http://jenniferhadley.com and sign up to receive her free audio workshop: How to GET OVER IT! To participate in the ongoing free A Course in Miracles classes with Jennifer,  Gary Renard, David Hoffmeister, Jon Mundy and more go here and register:  http://livingacourseinmiracles.com/
“Jennifer’s classes and loving support have helped me to really shift my life which is not only beneficial for me but also for my clients who I support in my coaching and counseling. Daily life has become easier: less sorrow, less anxiety and much more trust and faith in life and in the divine. Areas in my life I had worried about (for example money issues) are still there but I don’t worry any more. What a release!!”  Barbara F.
“There is no way that words can express the overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel for the incredible healing and love that I now experience in life. And all of this is due to my choosing to listen to Jennifer’s wisdom and to do the inner work using her effective tools.” — Susie S.
About Jennifer Hadley
Jennifer Hadley has led over 10,000 spiritual seekers to unlock the secret of becoming more successful and helping more of the people they want to serve. Jennifer supports people in profoundly increasing their happiness and success through the application of basic spiritual tools that anyone can use.
For your Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso and many other free offerings as well practical classes for spiritual development please visit http://www.JenniferHadley.com/
Learn moreACIM Classes with JenniferJenniferHadley.com
October 2013257:30 – 10 pm

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Event Date:
May 24日, 2024
Event Time:
6:27 pm