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Lecture: Sangraal: The Holy Grail in Christian, pagan, and Gnostic thought — 7/20

May 24日 @ 7:49 pm EDT

From the 12th century to the present day, the object first described by Chrétien de Troyes as “un graal” has been the subject of much speculation. In this survey of both historical sources and modern commentary, Stuart Südekum will address the function of the blessed vessel as an object of contemplation in the western mystical tradition.
Topics of discussion will include:
* The textual basis of Graal legendry
* Connections with pre-Christian traditions
* Grail mysticism in Christian thought
* Heresy, Gnosticism and the Graal
* A comparison of notable esoteric commentaries
Whom does the Graal serve? After this lecture, you’ll leave armed with the knowledge you need to start your own quest and find out for yourself.
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Speaker Stuart Südekum is a writer and educator currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He is the co-founder of Feast of Fools, an educational event series on the art and science of mysticism. He has spoken at the New York School of Visual Arts (SVA) and written for _Heathen Harvest_, a periodical described as “one of the leading online magazines for post-industrial music.” He is a specialist on the life and work of Arthur Edward Waite, and is presently preparing an annotated edition of Waite’s seminal _Pictorial Key to the Tarot_.
GnosticNYC typically presents a lecture at CRS at 2pm on the third Sunday of each month. Admission is free. Optional donations are invited to pay for the room; the suggested donation amount is $10. Donations are tax-deductible, and receipts are provided upon request.
GnosticNYC is a tax-exempt nonprofit New York corporation for promoting the study and practice of Gnosticism.
Picture: “The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval”
Tapestry created about 1896 by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and others.
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July 2014202 – 4 pm

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Event Date:
May 24日, 2024
Event Time:
7:49 pm