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The Turned on Women & Tuned in Men Sacred Sexual Weekend Playshop — 8/1 – 8/3/14

May 19日 @ 1:15 pm EDT

♥Hello Beauty & Welcome to….The Turned on Women & Tuned in Men Sacred Sexual Weekend Playshop…putting our Pleasure into Practice…Together, w/ Kiela & Claudiu
Ever since Claudiu & I connected in Mexico, earlier this year (& on my Pleasure Panel in NYC, in February), we have been eager to co-create a Sacred Sexual Tantric Playshop to share our modern-take Sexper-tease & Love for Ancient Sacred Sexual Practices w/…NYC & YOU.
So many times, modern Sacred Sexual teachings either undervalue or overvalue the Spiritual…polarizing us from the Sexual. Well…we’re here to tell you, you have PERMISSION, to put your Sacred-Sexual Pleasure into Practice via Heart-Centered Connection & Orgasmic Healing w/ US!!!
As Pioneers in a whole new world of Modern Sacred Sexuality, we are both very Passionate about opening the box & FREEING the lines between the Sacred/Sexual, Spiritual/Material, Feminine/Masculine, Pleasure/Resistance, Ancient/Modern. Turns out…you CAN have it all…& through our collective years of expertise (teaching & Researching personally & professionally all over the world), we’d Love to Show you how.
What to Expect:
♥Men…You should attend if you Desire:
*to be truly Tuned In to your Masculinity, in every aspect of your life
*to Magnetize to you, a truly Turned On Woman 
*to Tap into your Godly Sacred Masculine Erotic Edge
*to heal your Inner Feminine (male wounds & traumas)
*to connect your Hard-On to your Heart-On
*to stand Erect & Present (Tuned In) in your Purpose, Engaging confidently with the power of the Feminine Presence (a truly Turned on Woman) & the World (the Ultimate Feminine Presence)
♥Women…You should attend if you Desire: 
*to be truly Turned On, in your full Feminine Essence, in every aspect of your life
*to Magnetize to you, a truly Tuned In Man 
*to Tap Into & Embody your Goddessly Divine Feminine Erotic Edge
*to heal your Inner Masculine (female wounds & traumas)
*to experience any & every Orgasm available to you 
*to have Permission to Unapologetically Value your Full Feminine Presence & Sexual Desire (Turned on), in the face of the World
♥For Men & Women…You’ll discover:
*how surprisingly similar you are…the same basic needs, desires, fears (freeing you from polarization)
*how to recognize & embody feminine & masculine principles & polarities intimately (internally, externally & beyond gender)
*how to connect to the Sacred through Sexual Energy (w/ & w/out Sex)
*how to Master Conscious Communication, Compassion & Self-Love (w/ yourself, your partner(s) & the world)
*how to Master Sexual Vitality & Sacred Love-Making Tools (from the Boardroom, to the Bedroom)
This is a comprehensive Level I Introduction into the theory & practice of Sacred Sexuality. Modalities includes: Sacred Sexual Tantra, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Communication, Core Energetics, Intimacy & Theatre Games…& much more.
Date: August 1st-3rd, 2014
Time: Friday night: 7:00-10:00pm, Saturday: 11-6 & 7:30pm Sacred Puja & Party, Sunday: 11-6
Where: CRS Studios 123 4th Ave, 2nd fl
Cost: $350.00 (Introductory Rate)
SPECIAL: $295.00 until MONDAY, JULY 14th at 10:00pm
For Payment:
Click on Eventbrite link 
OR send a payment to KielaCabaret@yahoo.com via PayPal personally or email me for some other payment method option.
Please also RSVP on Facebook by clicking “join” so we know you are coming & others can be inspired by your presence.
*fun, safe environment
*open to all levels
*no nudity/sexual contact
*please wear comfortable, movable clothes (that make you feel sexy) 
*no need to bring a partner
*we will monitor gender balance, embracing the Divine Feminine/Masculine w/in us all (it usually works out balanced, naturally)
We so look forward to sharing this Sacred Sensual, well-Pleasured Weekend with you all…Let’s Play…FULL-OUT…Tapping in, Tuning in, Turning on to & celebrating our Divine, Organic, Orgasmic B’earthright of Pleasure…inspiring others in our Presence, to do the same.
In L♥ve & the Sweetest Sacred Sensu-Sexual, well-Pleasured, Turned on, Tuned in Light,
~KielaCabaret/CourtesanKiela & Claudiu Vaduva ♥ 😉
*The Pleasure Playground w/ Kiela & Claudiu: Friday, July 18th, 9-midnight
*The Pleasure Playground for Women: Wednesdays, 8-10:30pm
As a Pleasure Coach, Researcher, Revolutionary, Performer, Goddess & all-around Renaissance Woman w/ a Kundalini Awakening, Kiela successfully coaches her students & clients to live the life they imagine…in their Pleasure, Passion & Purpose, as well as living their Vitality through their Sacred Sexuality through her 7P’s Coaching Philosophy, Performances, Pleasure Research in Sacred Sexuality (Tantra, Qi Gong, Orgasmic Healing) & The Pleasure R-evolution.
“Welcome to the Pleasure R-evolution….penetrating the Resistance…one Pleasurable step at a time.” ~Kiela Mellott
As a meditation, yoga & Tantric educator, Claudiu has studied & lead several retreats & courses all over the world in Sacred Sexuality, the Art of Love-Making, Silencing the Mind & Heart-Centered Meditation, as well as Vira Workshops for Men. As a native of Romania, his own personal Spiritual Journey began in 1992 & has lead him all over the world, learning from teachers who have been practicing Ancient principles of Sacred Tantra for over 20 years, in Tantra-based Communities. Claudiu is Passionate about sharing his own personal journey of Transformation, in order to support, guide & inspire those that are ready to open up to their own transformation.
*Kiela is currently seeking an assistant/internpreneur/apprentice to support Kiela’s Cabaret & The Pleasure R-evolution, in exchange for coaching, events &/or a possible hourly wage. 
*If you need to pay by Donation, there are opportunities for Scholarship or to attend Kiela’s events, in exchange for support.
Have questions about ♥The Turned on Women & Tuned in Men Sacred Sexual WEEKEND PLAYSHOP…putting our Pleasure into Practice…Together, w/ Kiela & Claudiu.?Contact KielasCabaret.com & PleasureYourWorld.com
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May 19日, 2024
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1:15 pm