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​Love is A Secret: The Mystic Quest of Divine Love

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 41 E 11st St. 11th Fl., New York, NY, United States

Please Join Andrew Vidich for a discussion, guided meditation and celebration of the Mystic Heart of Love. Love is a Secret: The Mystic Quest for Divine Love draws on all the great wisdom traditions for Taoism to Christianity, from Islam to Judaism, to describe the psychology of humankind's deepest spiritual encounters. The compassionate wisdom in the pages of this book are a moving testament to the universal majesty, variety and splendor of the experience of God's unconditional love. This is a book which seekers and students will enjoy for its insight as well as its message of hope: that Divine Love is available to all who seek it with humility and grace, and those who bask in its radiance are not only transfigured, but empowered to change the world."