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An Ecstatic Solstice Celebration

NOoSPHERE Arts 520 Kingsland Ave, Brooklyn

Please join us in celebrating the Summer Solstice with NOoSPHERE Arts as they kick off their WE ARE NATURE: Rising and Falling annual rooftop series. Held in the spectacular, one-of-a-kind setting of wildflower meadows stretching across the roofs of an industrial plant against the iconic backdrop of the NYC skyline, the event will be centered around a Sufi opening ritual honoring nature’s cycles, performed by Whirling Dervish Farima Berenji. Farima—a Sufi Master and Magi from the bloodline of Iranian Zoroastrian Magi—and her sacred dancers will be accompanied by the klezmer music and Sephardic folk melodies of The Shul Band. The ceremony has been designed as a unique blend of Muslim and […]