Has all that holiday shopping left you hurting? CRS Yoga Instructor Yuki Hasegawa Thomas might have just the remedy. Throughout January, her Thai Mountain Yoga (Ruesri Dat Ton) class will focus on self-massage and stretch for shoulder tightness. Since this is the first and so far only Ruesri Dat Ton Yoga class in NYC, you might not be familiar with this style. Expect a slow, meditative class with each pose held through multiple inhalations with abundant opportunities for the instructor to assist you in finding the proper alignment and going deeper into each stretch.

Her Ruesri Dat Ton Yoga class meets Tuesdays from 12 – 1:30 pm and costs $15. In January, first-time students may try the class for just $5.
Aside from being the first NYC teacher to be certified in Thailand to teach this ancient method, Yuki has been dancing professionally, choreographing, teaching dance and Pilates, and offering Thai Yoga Massage for many years. She has a Master’s Degree in Dance and Dance Education from NYU and is a longtime faculty member of Peridance Center. While at NYU, she gathered a wealth of information from courses such as dance alignment (Pilates), anatomy and kinesiology, dance movement therapy, Laban movement analysis, and teaching creative movement for children.
Yuki has taught Pilates at Kane School of Core Integration, Kinected, and Arts Cure Program in NYC. She has worked with many dancers and musicians, helping them to maintain body alignment, improve core strength, and prevent injury. Yuki is also certified in traditional Thai Massage from Shivaka Komarpaj Old Medicine Hospital (Thailand). She studied traditional Thai Massage at Healing Space Ashiya (Japan) with Yoshimi Konishi and Junko Hanada, and she has given Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions at several locations in the NYC.
If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable guide to take you farther in your yoga practice, Yuki would be an excellent choice!