Dear friends,
I have been helping out some artists who have worked many times at CRS in the past with a hilarious and poignant new play. Last weekend sold out and there is one more weekend and I would like to encourage you to go.
Drawing inspiration from tabloid-TV, religious fanaticism, and late 80′s heavy metal, The Resurrection of George takes aim at the unseen forces guiding our nation. Dale and Ed are honest and hard-working men who enjoy the simple pleasures of small-town life. But they are swept into a hallucinatory quest for the soul of the country when the resurrected first president appears with visions of an “all-seeing eye” that controls the fate of America. Pursued by truth-seeker/talk-show host Marsha Monroe, they struggle to uncover the mystery behind George’s appearance and secrets of their own identity.
The Resurrection of George began as a short story evoking the singularity of American identity. What drives our urge to create unity from diversity? Why are certain personas beheld as “self-evident?” Writer Harold Lehmann became fascinated with the iconography of George Washington interacting with other symbols from the American Dream. A script emerged and Lehmann sought out Director Leah Bonvissuto to bring fresh perspective and realize this visual language. Bonvissuto collected a dynamic team of performers and designers to create a cacophony of rock-n-roll, pop-art projection, and performances inspired by clowning and viewpoints work among other styles. The result is a hypnotic contrast that chases something real in the surreal heart of this American Myth.
Tickets are now available for purchase.  Click here to buy tickets now!
Performances are:
April 20 – 29, 2012
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm
Saturday Matinees at 2:00pm
Sundays at 7:00pm
Tickets are $15
All performances take place at:
One Arm Red
10 Jay Street, 9th Floor in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn  (F train to first stop in Brooklyn and then walk downhill on Jay St to the East River)Map