TriYoga classes have begun at CRS taught by Jean Brown.
TriYoga is a revolutionary flowing yoga of asana, pranayama, and mudra, (posture, breath, focus) founded by Yogini Kali Ray (
Also called the “Art & Science of Yogaflow®”, TriYoga’s trinity flow of body-breath-mind emerges based on the principles of:
– rhythmic breath & body
– economy of movement
– relaxation-in-action
– wavelike movements
TriYoga enhances the flow of life-energy and expanded awareness, bringing knowledge of Self and greater health and vitality.
Thursdays ~ 12-1:30pm
$20 per class or donation
(fees separate from CRS…pay to Jean Brown at class)
All levels & drop-ins welcome

Jean Brown is a certified TriYoga instructor, licensed clinical social worker in private practice, and an actress and director. Jean has a unique approach in that she blends the principles of TriYoga, such as relaxation-in-action, into all of her fields of expertise. The benefits of this comprehensive yoga system enhance not only one’s daily life, but offers tools to naturally transform our traumas and difficulties, and also offers skills for honing acting abilities. For more info ~  631-547-9194 ~