Huan ying(WELCOME)!! You really don’t need to be perfect in order to join us, and I will do my best to make our Mandarin class exciting like a happy Chinese festival:-)!!
My goal is to help you learn and practice authentic and successful Mandarin Chinese with fun and ease while you are enjoying a great experience of Chinese culture with folks who care for your progress, who understand your challenges, and who are authentic and genuine with the best knowledge of Chinese culture, arts, film, music, history, business, economics and so on…
Please always believe, “I AM THAT GOOD!” And then, you are that GOOD!!
Zai jian(SEE YOU)!
Current class at CRS is Saturdays at 3 pm. Other days/times available.
Contact: (646) 543-9168

I am a former Chinese TV reporter with a solid education in Chinese Journalism, and a Master’s degree in Filmmaking earned in the U.S. My pronunciation is professionally trained, authentic and beautiful.
–As an experienced Chinese language teacher, I have excellent credentials and have been successfully teaching students (ages 5 – 56) Mandarin Chinese since 2007. My 5 years of teaching experience includes conducting big classes of 50 students and very interactive small group classes of 6-10 students, and giving one-on-one private lessons using Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters. Helping foreigners learn Chinese language and culture is fulfilling my dream of being a successful communicator through the art of teaching.
–Quality oriented, fun group classes are designed for beginners who want to “have a taste” of this popular, musical and very useful language; higher level group classes are also available for intermediate and advanced students who want to improve and polish their Chinese skills! All ages & All levels are welcome!!
–Teaching is based on the most popular, top three Mandarin Chinese textbooks: Chinese Made Easy, Contemporary Chinese, New Practical Chinese Reader, using Pin-yin system and simplified Chinese characters.