What is rounding, you say? Rounding was the term given to a meditation technique designed to help Western minds find stillness that is not attached to any specific dogma.
Learning to Meditate can be a frustrating experience.
Rounding alleviates the stress of “trying to meditate” by satisfying the brain’s need to “do something” while simultaneously allowing the body to release stored tension.
Simple but not easy
During any integrative modality the student might ask “Is that all there is?”
The answer is: “Yes. Let’s celebrate.”
Rounding gets you to the party quickly.
What to expect
During any given Rounding session you can expect to feel calm, relaxed and “good.”
Class consists of timed segments usually beginning with constructive rest, followed by seated meditation, followed by light stretching. These segments are then repeated, each repetition allowing for deeper release.
The activity is guided and the class works in silence.
Lights are low. Participants can wear anything that allows them to sit and stretch comfortably.
A rolled up towel works well as a pillow during constructive rest.
Cost: 15$
More information at: www.roundingmeditation.com
Weekly Rounding Workshops:
Mondays 7:30 – 9pm July 23-August 27
Fridays 12:30 – 2pm – August 10 & 17
Center for Remembering and Sharing – 123 4th Ave, between 12th and 13th, 2nd Floor
Saturdays 10:30-Noon
Park Slope, Brooklyn