with Amy Torres
Saturday, Sept 22, 2012
from 11 am – 3 pm
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us a new definition of forgiveness. This new definition offers us an entirely different way of understanding ourselves and our relationships. Forgiveness removes loneliness, fear, grief, blame, anger, guilt and shame. Forgiveness contains the spiritual law that “giving is receiving” and offers us endless abundance. Forgiveness brings inner peace, renewed faith, lasting happiness, a sense of purpose and undoes our unconscious case of mistaken identity :).

As the introduction to ACIM states, the Course offers us a forgiveness practice as a way of “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” which naturally leads to giving and receiving miracles. In the Five Keys to Forgiveness workshop, Amy Torres offers us tools and tales for understanding forgiveness in new ways, and ideas for applying these principles in our daily lives. 

To register, visit
$40 by July 31st
$50 by August 31st
$60 by September 22nd
To pay by check, make payable to Amy Torres and mail to:
Amy Torres
13260 Immokalee Rd, #6-90
Naples, FL 34120
(please write “Forgiveness Workshop” on your check)
Reverend Amy Torres is a spiritual teacher, Gestalt psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and writes the popular ACIM newsletter, The Unlearning Classroom, to which you can subscribe for free at You can also read her articles on tam, watch her videos on YouTube, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.