Chin-Up East Village!!!
CRS & Company SoGoNo invite you to a
Free Butoh Open workshop + Student recital + Special Guest performers
Friday, Nov 9 @ 8 PM
~Remembering the power of spontaneous healing~
2012, as our planet earth is shifting, we shift our body and mind to a better place.
This night is for finding our vitality, creativity and joy.
Let’s try breathing energy exercises with dancers who’ve been training.
Then, they will show the wonderful piece that they’ve been working on during this fall workshop. 
Plus, we’ve invited special guest performers to spice up the night!

Anita Boeninger
Mindy Levocove
Heidi Singer
Guest performersLeyna Marika Papach is a composer, performer, video and theater artist from Japan and the United States. Her work ranges from solo violin work to Musical theater pieces where text, dance, music and video work together to tell a story. Her work has been performed in western and eastern Europe as well as in Japan and the US. As a violinist and improviser, she performs regularly her own work as well as interpretive work with bands and composers (Geraldine Fibbers, JGThirwell/Monerexia). Leyna has a Masters degree in theater studies from Dasarts, Amsterdam. She also studied violin at the Prague Academy of Music and has a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from UMKC.  
Christian Dautresme is a Franco American performance artist born in Paris France in 1972. He has studied in New York at Lee Stasberg, Movement Research and the New School for social research. His initial work as an artist began through music. As a singer and a musician Christian has performed throughout the United States and Europe over the last twenty years. In 1995, in seeking a broader form of artistic expression, Christian studied performance art with Franklin Furnace’s founder, Martha Wilson.
For Christian, his shedding of the human form on stage bares a strong artistic kinship to the work of Kazuo Ono and Jerzy Grotowsky. There is also the idea that the performance straddles the boundary between ritual and performance.
About the Instructor
Mariko Endo Reynolds is a professional Japanese Butoh artist who trained in Tokyo with Akira Kasai, one of the co-founders of the Butoh movement. Also, Mariko toured Japan and the United States as a principal dancer in one of Japan’s representative Butoh companies, Dairakudakan. Since moving to New York, she has been active in many dance and multi-media projects. Mariko has collaborated with numerous of musicians and photographers including legendary sound artist Liz Phillips, one of the pioneers in creating interactive sound sculptures, at Roulette Brooklyn in 2012.
Mariko Reynolds brings nearly 15 years of Butoh performance experience to her teaching. Which invites students to learn a unique and introspective approach to the performing arts. Focus will be upon the inner/outer space of the body and the sharpening of body sense.
NEXT Butoh performing workshop will be in 2013 Spring!!