yler School of Art (BFA) 、Yale University (MFA)卒業。ニューヨーク、ハウストン、ボストン、アントワープ等にて数々のグループ展、個展で作品を発表する。2006年にはCRSにて個展を開催。

グッゲンハイム・フェローシップ、ティファニー・ファウンデーション、ザ・ナショナル・エンドウメント・フォー・ザ・アート、スタジオ・スペース、等よりグラントを授与される。また、Bard College、Pratt Institute,、Chicago Art Institute,、Penn University,、Boston Universityなどで講師を務める。

“I always begin by painting from life. Through a relatively three-dimensional rendering of form in space, relative to most modernism, I evoke an empathetic relationship with my subject. I aim for intimacy without sacrificing my subjects’ dignity. Capturing something of the play between life and death in a subject creates tension and vulnerability. As with a portrait, my subjects are usually placed toward the center of the canvas, so my pictures are simply conceived, but full of movement. Often, the bottoms of my canvases support a lot of weight. I can take perceptual liberties with color and design, as I am amazed and inspired by eastern art, which always infers the presence of the gods, or of the sacred. I am not a realist, though I aspire in part to be one. I am called to stretch pictorial representation, while remaining grounded in perception. I want to express the mysterious snap of each successive moment as the miracle of existence is revealed.” — Eric Holzman