My artwork is grounded in the body, the kinesthetic: movement, music, and dance — and in the body’s subtle forces — emotional, spiritual and healing energies. The quest for the underlying energy source runs through all of my work — like the Sufis I find no separation between the divine and the body. And why is this work be important? We live in a time of much anger and violence, and communication is often disembodied. The disconnect between ourselves and the natural world is causing serious problems. We need to come home to our bodies, our animal-ness, our human-ness, our body-temples.

My artistic practice covers a vast range of work, mainly painting and drawing, but also community environmental art and collaboration. The art includes landscapes painted all over the world, and a few large series of works grounded in the body: 200 large watercolors of traditional and new deities (I teach a workshop on making your own deities), wild women, dancers and now art about the body’s energy. I have enjoyed collaborations with dancers, scientists, movement teachers, and writers. I have taught at the Rubin Museum of Art, The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, the Art Students League and the Canyons of Utah.