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Exhibition: Matters — Works by Aomi Kikuchi

December 11日, 2019 - February 29日, 2020


菊池あをみは人生を無常、無我、苦として捉える仏陀の哲学からインスピレーションを 得て、革新的な芸術を制作するアーティストである。彼女はファッションデザイナーと してキャリアをスタートし、25年以上の着物の友禅染の経験を持つ。絹に対する強い 関心を持つ傍、女性らしさ、脆さを特徴とする繊維、ダウン、綿花などのマテリアルを 使った制作にも挑んでいる。彼女のアート制作は、二次元から三次元,インスタレーシ ョン、彫刻そして映像制作へとその領域を広げ続けてきた。BFA を京都造形大学より、 MFA を PRATT INSTITUTE より取得。


Medium: Triple-layered silk organza, Acid Dye, Pigment
Kikuchi dyed three layered pieces of silk organza simultaneously with acid dyes and pigments after drawing outlines with a gold color Sumi ink. She then steamed them to fix colors, pressed them, and separated them to be framed.

Method: Kikuchi’s original method based on Japanese Yuzen Kimono Dye
Kikuchi uses special brushes made for Yuzen Kimono dye to make beautiful gradations. The size of the brush varies from 3mm to 15cm. She innovated Yuzen kimono dye techniques to establish her original method with layered fabrics and without rice glue lines as water resistance. Instead of glue resistance, she manipulates dye liquid to prevent it from spreading outside of her hand-drawn gold Sumi outline.
Her method makes it possible to dye larger and layered fabrics.


My work often uses creatures as a motif to express the heart of Buddha’s benevolence that human beings and all creatures are equally important.

Frogs in particular are special to me. I lived with the frog named “Bell” for several years. Bell eats a small larva twice a week, but otherwise he/she always sits like a Zen monk and does not move. Unlike us, he/she didn’t lie down or extend his/her legs. Bell ended his/her life and no more exists.

Humans have various desires, and if they are not fulfilled, they suffer. If they are fulfilled, they will be obsessed with new desires and will not be satisfied.

A jellyfish drifts in the waves and lives a life just to get food. We sometimes stop and look at the simple way of life in the aquarium and think its life is even enviable.

Goldfish were bred by humans to appear more beautiful. The desire to see beautiful things gave goldfish bigger eyes, fins and a fuller stomach than necessary. Human desires also afflict goldfish.

The message of my work is that the only way for us to live a mindful life is through understanding that desire creates pain, and there is nothing in the world that will never change and nothing that will last forever.

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December 11日, 2019
February 29日, 2020


CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
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